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Specializing in solo Lyra and Straps


Trapeze School New York DC 

Lyra, Straps, Spanish Web, Silks


Monarcha in Flight 

Danny Guzman | Capoeria

C4 Weekend | Lyra, Straps, Bonjee, Spanish Web, Silks


New England Center For Circus Arts 

Circus Skills Week | Lyra, Straps, Static Trapeze, Silks, Corde Lisse, Sling


Fit to Fly

Lyra, Dance Trapeze, Corde Lisse,  Chandalyra, Octopus


Moxie Mischief

Southern Fried Circus Fest | Lyra, Flexibility


Blue Alchemy Freediving 

Introduction to Freediving | Statics Apnea(2:30)


Professional Experience

Taste of Annandale Festival

Monarcha in Flight Grand Opneing


Other Skills

Horseback riding, Swimming, Figure Skating, Acting

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