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KaiaCeline is a visual and performing artist, creating art to envoke feeling through mediums such as acting, writing, photos and movement.


From a young age she has been involved in multiple passions, various dance styles, soccer and martial arts, creative writing, horseback riding & figure skating.

She’s studied theatre at The Center of Visual and Performing Arts in Maryland; there she excelled in classes from improv, stage combat and makeup to directing. She continued her acting education studying film acting with John Pallotta and taking workshops including stage combat at Studio Theatre and Dialects with Jerome Butler. 

KaiaCeline is an artist as well as athlete. She spent six years figure skating(theatre on ice/synchronized) and has studied circus arts since 2015 at TSNYDC, NECCA, Monarcha In Flight, Southern Fried Circus Fest, Fit to Fly and Paper Doll Militia. She specializes in lyra and straps with proficiency in several other apparatuses. With a love for swimming she's ventured into water sports, joining a rowing club. 

KaiaCeline is an actress, featured in films including Dead Secrets and Last Chance and has been a featured aerialist in the Taste of Annandale Festival. She has creatively directed photoshoots and  modeled for various photographers such as Dutch Eyes Photography and Jarrett Hendrix. She has published two poems with The American Library; and is editor of the blog HopelessAndFluffy.

KaiaCeline is a jack of all trades, always in the process of creating visual and performance art.

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