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An absolute joy to work with

-Jarrett Hendrix


Kaia has been a pleasure to collaborate with on various projects. Her creativity has really brung the concepts that we’ve had to life. She is versatile in her work and skillset, and really owns her craft. I would recommend Kaia’s work to anyone looking for a valuable co-creater to their project.



Kaia sees the heart of the actor’s journey & illuminates the soul with in! SHe is gifted & guided by means connected to the Core. As an  Actor She is, focused, grounded, and creates the maximum effect with the  least amount of effort. When you work with her, you will know instantly Kaia was the right choice.  It’s just one of those magic things – that when you meet her, you feel so very… very… lucky!!!”

-John Pallotta


Kaia is an absolute pleasure to work with! Her questions are so pertinent in rehearsals and she brings a fresh perspective to each character. Her soft-spoken energy adds a calming presence both back stage and in rehearsals!

-Ayesis Clay


Wokring with KaiaCeline on Last Chance was great.  She brought a high level of professionalism and energy from the first table read all the way through the final shot.  She would always show up on set fully prepared, lines memorized and in costume no matter what was asked of her.  This even stretched to unscripted scenes that had to be added or altered on shooting days. 


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